Remaining vigilant and committed during recovery is vital, as it is important to remain busy and occupy the mind in order to reduce the likelihood of relapse. Be sure to get enough sleep, eat balanced and nutritious meals, keep attending support group meetings and therapy sessions, and make use of alumni and/or aftercare services and relapse prevention programs. Spend time with family and friends, and if you go on vacation, be sure to take support resources with me. Peer support groups meet all over the country and many programs offer web- and telephone-based support that can be accessed virtually from anywhere.

Rhode Island is a beautiful place to live and visit. There are many sober things to do during the summer months in this northeastern state. Here are five sober activities to enjoy in the summer in Rhode Island:

5 Sober Activities for the Summer in Rhode Island

The Providence Journal reports that the two-day annual summer festival, the Blessing of the Fleet, is one of the area’s premier summertime attractions. It has been going on for more than 40 years. Over 4,000 boats participate, and there is a seafood festival, a carnival-like atmosphere, and a popular road race. The 10-mile race features a beautiful course that ends up along the breathtaking waterfront in Narragansett, Rhode Island. Participants can run or walk in the event that takes place on a Friday evening in July each year. After the race, people can enjoy some of the most delicious seafood and enjoy fair rides and more. The event continues on Saturday with a parade of boats that are all decked out for the occasion.

Exercise is a great way to enhance recovery, as it serves to release endorphins and may produce a natural type of high. Running can also improve self-esteem, as physical health is often closely tied to emotional health. Exercise can help to lower rates of depression, and The New York Times reports that it can play a role in maintaining sobriety. Preparation for a race like the Blessing of the Fleet road race can keep a person busy with healthy activities, enhance quality sleep, and encourage proper nutrition. Race training and preparation can not only occupy a person’s time and mind; it can also provide much-needed structure, a sense of purpose, and the ability to set and achieve goals. Finishing the race can extremely rewarding.

Every year throughout the summer months in Providence, Rhode Island, over 100 braziers and bonfires are lit on the waterways in a dazzling public art display called WaterFire. Numerous festivities and events accompany the lighting of the fires every summer.

Art can provide many mental health benefits, both from witnessing it and from creating it. Art therapy and creative expression are often encouraged during addiction treatment and into recovery. In a similar fashion, merely viewing art may actually activate pleasure and reward regions of the brain, Psych Central publishes. Big displays of art and beauty may also inspire a person to want to create their own form of artistic expression as well, which can be a healthy way to release pent-up emotions and find alternative methods for expressing oneself. Witnessing the beauty and inspiration of WaterFire may help to promote calmness and a sense of emotional peace.

The old adage that laughter is good for the soul is actually true. Laughing can reduce anxiety and depression and increase happiness. The Natural Medicine Journal reports that laughter can be a useful therapeutic tool for both mental and physical health.

A wildly popular comedy series attended by thousands and put on every summer for more than 15 years, the Newport Comedy Series hosts several shows each summer featuring standup comedy that is sure to make the audience laugh out loud in beautiful Newport, Rhode Island. The lineup and schedule change each year and consistently provide quality entertainment.

Isolation is also often a side effect of addiction, so social activities can be beneficial during recovery. Be sure to surround yourself with positive influences and others who share the same or similar goals. Take a sober friend out to a comedy show in the summer to enjoy the benefits of laughter and camaraderie.

Just as witnessing physical art can have mental health benefits, so can listening to music. Every summer in locations all over Rhode Island, there are multiple music festivals and free outdoor concerts that are open to the public. Various artists and musicians frequent these events for everyone’s listening pleasure.

Listening to music can be beneficial to both mental and physical health, as USA Today publishes that it can:

  • Lower stress
  • Reduce depression and anxiety
  • Relieve physical pain
  • Improve sleep
  • Enhance blood flow and blood vessel function
  • Promote healthy appetite levels
  • Encourage relaxation
  • Enhance mood

Music can be a great tool in recovery, and there are many opportunities to enjoy live music at no cost in the summer in Rhode Island.

Maintaining a healthy level of physical fitness is a great way to curb cravings, improve mental health, and enhance one’s quality of sleep during recovery. The journal Frontiers in Psychology published information showing how exercise can reduce substance abuse and may therefore be a helpful therapeutic intervention both during addiction treatment and into recovery. Physical fitness can be rewarding both physically and mentally, helping individuals to cope with pain, relieve stress and anxiety, and improve physical health in general. Self-confidence levels are increased with fitness and exercise as people begin to feel good about themselves physically, thus helping to boost their mood.

There are numerous opportunities to engage in physical activities during the summer in Rhode Island. Some of the most popular are sailing, kayaking, canoeing, and hiking. Individuals can charter or rent a boat in cities like Newport and sail around the New England coast and surrounding islands. People can engage in many different kinds of water sports on the beaches and within the coastal regions of Rhode Island in the summer as well.
State beaches in Rhode Island have a strict no smoking and no alcohol policy, and this can foster a stress-free atmosphere for individuals in recovery, helping to limit possible temptations.

Hiking is another way to participate in physical activity while also taking in the breathtaking natural wonder of the state. Numerous parks, wildlife refuges, historic sites, lighthouses, and hiking trails dot Rhode Island. Residents and visitors alike may enjoy strolling through the Green Animals Topiary Garden in Portsmouth, which is only open seasonally, or walking through the 40 acres of the Roger Williams Park and Zoo in Providence. From easy to strenuous, there are many different hiking trails and routes to choose from. Getting outside into the fresh air while engaging in healthy physical activity can be a great sober activity to enjoy in the summer in Rhode Island.