Reinhard Straub, LICSW, LCDCS

A trained classical musician, Reinhard turned to New York’s rock ‘n’ roll scene after attending the original Woodstock festival while a college student at Syracuse University. Woodstock ultimately introduced him to a multi-year battle with drugs and alcohol. Once sober, he earned a Master’s degree in Social Work at Adelphi University and began what is now a 25-year career in the addiction and mental health fields.

Reinhard has directed substance abuse programs in NY, CT, and RI and was the interventionist and Senior Case Manager for The Physician Health Program for New York State. It was there that he saw the overwhelming success rates of physicians in recovery. Components like extended care, binding contracts and long term random drug tests help boost long term abstinence outcomes above 70 percent. He incorporates the same elements into the clinical program at CSRI.

He is always available on his cell phone so do not hesitate to contact him immediately if you are in need of services at: (401) 741-5109